Nintendo issue cease and desist against Pokémon-themed influencer due to Onlyfans account

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Nintendo issue cease and desist against Pokémon-themed influencer due to Onlyfans account

Nintendo has issued a cease and desist order against the social media influencer formerly known as Pokeprincxss, who is now going by Digitalprincxss. The order came two months ago after Digitalprincxss trademarked her brand name and began selling merchandise, which prominently featured Pokémon characters and other related iconography.

Yet Digitalprincxss is not the only influencer and merch seller to use Pokémon imagery, leading her to believe the issue lies more with her other revenue streams. Digitalprincxss has an Onlyfans account.

In her video, which explained her new rebrand, she said “Nintendo and Pokémon is a family-friendly company so they don't want that to at all ruin their reputation or anything if people thinking that me and them are affiliated. Obviously, that really sucks, but from a business standpoint I have to understand it and accept it because I fucked up.”

As part of the cease and desist, Digitalprincxss can no longer use Pokémon characters or references in her merchandise or any other means of profit, which could mean thinks like sponsorship deals connected to her previous brand. She was also made to pay Nintendo back for any revenues earned from the infringing products, the exact amount was not disclosed. As a result, all of her infringing merchandise has been removed from her online stores and all her major accounts have been rebranded to Digitalprincxss.

Despite all of this, there are no hard feelings. Digitalprincxss is a fan, first and foremost, and said she will continue to support Nintendo out of her genuine love of their games and takes ownership of her mistakes, stating that she should have been more educated" about trademark laws. Speaking to Kotaku, she added that only hopes that her story will help prevent others from making the same errors and save them facing the wrath of a billion-dollar company.

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