Nintendo Confirms Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Switch

They’re back! After three and a half years Nintendo Switch owners will be able to experience the adorable plant-like creatures for the first time on Nintendo’s flagship console. Rumours of a port of the Wii U game have been around for a while, so fans of the series can rest easy knowing that they won’t have long to wait with the game releasing 30th October 2020.

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Players can expect to tackle giant obstacles and huge creatures (well, relatively huge) with their gang of five different Pikmin across multiple themed biomes including the Distant Tundra, Twilight River, and Garden of Hope.

Announced via a tweet from Nintendo of Europe alongside a trailer for the game, Nintendo confirmed that the game will include all previous DLC for the game as well as options for co-op play and multiple difficulty settings.

Ben Ingham

Updated: Aug 05, 2020

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