Nintendo asking developers to get games "4k ready"

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Nintendo asking developers to get games

Last month we heard that Nintendo was reportedly planning to release an upgraded version of the Switch and just as Sony and Microsoft have began the final stages of their ritualistic 'who can hold off the price any longer' dance, we happen to hear a little more about what Nintendo are up to.

According to a report by Bloomberg, which mainly focuses on Nintendo ramping up production of current Switches for this year, is a mention of that 4K upgrade to the 2017 machine.

Right at the bottom of the report, it's reported that several third-party game developers for Nintendo, speaking anonymously, had been asked to "make their games 4K-ready." We've had the announcement of a Witcher 3 upgrade recently, could we getting Geralt-on-the-go in 4K? Probably not, but it does open the door for games that the OG Switch is not capable of running.

Nintendo declined to comment on the story, but if third-party developers are now starting to upgrade games for the Switch, how long will we have to wait before we start seeing more leaks about the proposed console? We know it's been a great year for Nintendo, thanks largely to Animal Crossing, but up until recently their Holiday 2020 offering looked, well, sparse. That holiday line-up is starting to look a bit more solid now though.

He can fly, he can hop from planet to planet and he can... clean. Seriously though, Super Mario Sunshine is the best Mario game and that has nothing to do with me playing it as a 11 year-old.

After a quiet month or so for the gaming giant, the Japanese company quietly dropped a Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct last week, as well as announcing a prequel to their launch-hit Breath of the Wild, in the form of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity earlier this week.

If the slew of Mario games isn't enough nostalgia for you, next year is the 35th anniversary of another Nintendo legendary IP, The Legend of Zelda. If you're wondering what that anniversary might look like (and Nintendo having announced any plans), our very own Dani Cross asked that very question for us recently. Check out her predictions here.

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