New Rage 2 Expansion Rise of the Ghosts Arriving Later This Month

A little over 5 months after its initial release, Rage 2 will be receiving its first expansion titled Rise of the Ghosts. According to id Software and Avalanche Studios, the insanity of the original game is being “cranked up from 11 to 12” as the Wasteland Superhero, Ranger Walker, explores a new region to fight an old threat with a new weapon, new ability, and a swanky motorcycle.

This old threat is a new faction to Rage 2 known as the Ghosts who once terrorized the wasteland doing as they pleased and never left any survivors before mysteriously disappearing without a trace. Now, they return under a new leader, Iris, along with new powers and are ready to reclaim their place in the wasteland.

Players will once again take on the role of Ranger Walker as they explore a “huge new region called the Overgrown City”. Wielding a new Force-like ability called Void and the all-new Feltrite Laser Launcher, Rise of the Ghosts will serve up new ways for Walker to decimate hordes of enemies as he tries to stop this new faction from gaining a foothold. Within the City, players will also be able to find and bring back to their Garage a new vehicle, the Ghost Motorcycle.

This brand new expansion will be available September 26th on all platforms. Owners of the Deluxe Edition will have instant access to the new content upon release. Those who don’t own it can either buy Rise of the Ghosts from the in-game store for 1500 RAGE Coins (roughly £12) or upgrade with the Digital Deluxe Upgrade at 2000 RAGE Coins. The latter will also include all Digital Deluxe Edition goodies, such as the DOOM BFG, the Progress Booster and the Battle Standard vehicle banner among other things.

Rage 2‘s first expansion, Rise of the Ghosts, is just around the corner, arriving on September 26th. For more info, stay tuned here on The Digital Fix.

Yannis Vatis

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

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