New patent suggests PS5 controller will identify users without need to log in


It looks like Sony have been looking into new ways to protect users account information and make it easier to log in, if a new patent filed in the US is to be believed.

The patent was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in February but was only published earlier this week on 20th August, and spotted by Segmentnext. While the patent doesn’t explicitly state it’s for the new controller, it seems a pretty good guess to assume Sony is looking into new ways for users to log into their accounts

According to the patent, Sony have found that users often log into their accounts on friends’ consoles, either having to input their password in front of their friends or forgetting to log out. I fully believe that this is a problem, and not just because I logged into my friend’s PS4 about 5 years ago and I remain the second-user to this day on his console.

While the thought of my console knowing who I am from how I pick up the remote does give me slightly creepy 1984 vibes, as long as Sony aren’t taking my fingerprints then I don’t mind if it makes it easier to log on and not share my password with everyone in the room.

“A system for identifying a user of a controller includes having one or more sensors configured to detect interaction with the controller by the user and a transmitter configured to transmit telemetry data based on outputs of one or more of the sensors, a user profile unit configured to obtain profile user data for one or more user profiles, where each user profile corresponds to a respective user and the user profile data for a user profile comprises data indicative of one or more characteristic interactions by the user with the controller, and a user profile selection unit configured to select a user profile from the one or more user profiles in depenedence upon a degree of a match between one or more properties of the transmitted telemtry data and the data of each respective user profile, and configured to modify an output of the system responsive to the selection.”

The full wording of the Abstract from the patent, in case you enjoyed very long sentences.

Last week, game developers spoke about how new features in the Dualsense will allow for a new level of immersion in games and with November getting closer by the week, I’m sure we’ll start getting more information appear online about the upcoming next-gen offering from Sony.

Ben Ingham

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

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