More leaks from Nintendo suggest they were working on a portable GameCube

First they came for Nintendo’s icons, leaking the source code to Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart earlier in the summer. Then the unseen content from the N64 Zelda titles. And now those leakers have shown us what we could’ve had, instead of the Nintendo Wii.

Fall may have just started in Animal Crossing, but the leaks have continued at Nintendo with plans of a portable GameCube that isn’t dissimilar from their current portable, the Nintendo Switch. The console would have a dock, much like the Switch, which would include GameCube controller ports, along with slots for memory cards and SD cards.

The documentation, which was leaked to reddit, also suggests that the Kyoto-based company were exploring the possibility of a more traditional follow-up to their purple box, entitled “Project Vegas” but this was cancelled in favour of the Wii. Technology company ATI (now part of AMD) were involved as well, according to a leaked presentation which seems to be a pitch for the project.

The presentation details the two-year plan to release the console by October 2005 (around the time of the Xbox 360 launch) and would’ve been a “dedicated gaming device”. That thinking is definitely still at Nintendo, with the Switch still not having a Netflix app – the Switch is for gaming (and YouTube?) only.

How is this thing not portable already?

The company obviously abandoned the HD Cube (that’s what I would’ve called it), and it’s difficult to say how far this project got before it was canned. The GameCube was fantastic and is definitely my favourite console. I realise that there is probably a heavy-layer of nostalgia involved, I was eleven when I got mine, but some of the games I played with that beautiful purple controller are some of my favourites. Skies of Arcadia, Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Rogue Squadron, I could go on for quite a while.

As much as I would’ve loved a GameCube HD, Nintendo thought better and instead released the Wii. And we all know how many units that shifted (I don’t actually know, but everyone seemed to have one).* I think because Nintendo are such a secretive company, whenever we get any information about how they operate it’s always fascinating to see. Although we didn’t really need leaks to confirm a portable GameCube. Just look at the handle on that thing – it’s already portable.

*101.63m according to Wikipedia.

Ben Ingham

Updated: Sep 04, 2020

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