Monster Energy may have forced Immortals Fenyx Rising name change

Originally titled Gods & Monsters, Ubisoft’s open-world mythology epic recently confirmed a name change to Immortals Fenyx Rising at their Ubisoft Forward event.

During an interview with VGC, associate game director Julien Galloudec claimed the name change was down to a shift in “vision” for the game:

“[The] change of name was entirely because of the vision of the game. When you start a game it’s always an adventure and it’s a very iterative process. So you start with a vision that evolves as you craft it with the team and we get feedback and ideas.  […] So after that, the game changed a lot, to the point where we felt we needed a new name to be better aligned with that updated vision, so that’s where we decided to change to Immortals Fenyx Rising, a name that combines the notion of the timeless aspect of the Greek mythology with the immortals. And also I like the new era, Fenyx, and adjoining that epic adventure.”

– Julien Galloude, VGC 10/09/2020

But now evidence has emerged that suggests Ubisoft changed the name of due to a trademark dispute with Monster Energy.

The full timeline of Gods & Monsters attempted patent registration (as per the official website for the United States Patent and Trademark Office) shows Ubisoft applied for the patent back in June 2019 but in January 2020 Monster Energy filed to oppose the registration. Monster’s key argument hinges on the brand’s deep ties to the games industry through sponsorship of professional gamers, esports, and official fie-ins with major IPs like Call of Duty. They claim that having a heavily publicised game with Monster in the title might cause confusion. 

Ubisoft refuted the claims in their notice of opposition this May but still went ahead with a name change this September after some speculation.

While Ubisoft sidestepped this issue, they are still struggling to sidestep appropriate accountability for their toxic work culture of sexual harassment and abuse. 

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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

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