Monkey Island source code reveals a lot of fun information

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Monkey Island source code reveals a lot of fun information

Monkey Island, the classic point and click adventure from Lucasarts, turned 30 this year and the great people at Video Game History Foundation have put together an incredibly detailed look at the game's source code, revealing some interesting information.

The source code reveals early concepts and unused animations. There are alternate designs for Guybrush and Elaine, some scrapped character animations for an unused Governor character who was planned before devs created Elaine. There are also scrapped concepts like DRUNK insult sword fighting and even hints of a sword fight with one of the primary antagonists, Sheriff Shinetop.

Another interesting bit of trivia revealed in the breakdown is that Lucasarts programmers would build mini test adventures using the SCUMM engine, including an early stab at Sam & Max, a whole 3 years before Sam & Max Hit the Road.

There is a lot more to be seen, and I cannot recommend it enough to fans of the Monkey Island games or classic Lucasarts adventures in general. Head over to the Video Game History Foundation for more.

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