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Microsoft to release Kinect-free Xbox One in June

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It's taken them over six months, but Microsoft have performed yet another u-turn with the news that as of 9th June they will be releasing a Kinect-free version of the Xbox One. The motion tracking device has often been attributed to pushing the Xbox One price well above the Playstation 4 competition and until now MS have fought every suggestion that removing Kinect might help them compete with Sony on a more level playing field.

Six months of being beaten by the competition seems to have been enough so from 9th June you'll be able to buy an Xbox One on its own for the non-bargaintastic price of £349 (it's $399 in the US so £299 would have been fairer). So close there Microsoft. So close.

We're also hearing that a number of key apps are going to be moved out of the Xbox Live Gold paywall - so non-Live subscribers will be able to use things such as Netflix without a Gold subscription.

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