Microsoft login servers buckle under the weight of Xbox Series X sign-ins

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox Series X | Microsoft Xbox One

At the time of writing Microsoft's login servers are down preventing not only new Xbox Series X and Series S users from setting up their consoles but also preventing access to most of Microsoft's other online services including Outlook and Office 365.

The spinning wheel of doom could be as problematic as the fear inducing Red Ring of Death.

The service has been down for us for around the last thirty minutes with timeouts and failed attempts to log in via both the Xbox Series X and Xbox One consoles and via their online login service via a browser. The issue also extends to the Xbox App that is being widely used to set up consoles while they update in the background.

The online service status pages on the Microsoft website are not currently reporting the issue but there is a lot of chatter on social networks regarding the outage.

The Xbox Series X finally hit the market today with consoles dropping into eager customers hands via a pretty stretched courier network thanks to the lockdown preventing many non-click and collect retail stores from being open to accept high street customers. Microsoft should have been well prepared for the flood of new users so the fact that their services are struggling to cope is either a good sign that the Xbox Series X is a success OR that Microsoft have underestimated the demands that the console is going to place on their infrastructure.

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