Microsoft add two more studios to their slate - Obsidian and inXile

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox One | Microsoft Xbox Series X | PC

Microsoft's buying spree continues apace with the announcement last night that they have picked up the RPG experts Obsidian and inXile to add to their growing Microsoft Studios family - presumably to work on exclusive games for the Xbox Series X.

Obsidian have a long history of classic RPGs under their belt - they were trusted by Bethesda to bring Fallout: New Vegas into the world and Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic 2 is still being played now - fourteen years after it was released.

inXile is similarly well served with a past slate that includes Torment: Tides of Numenera and Wasteland 2.

Microsoft have committed to run both studios as they currently stand - and it's clear to see that Microsoft are now playing the long game with their focus in the future rather than right now. Given development cycles are now so long, none of their recent purchases are likely to be working on games solely for the current Xbox One / Xbox One X and they are more than likely being tasked with ensuring an impressive exclusive first party ecosystem for whatever Microsoft's Scarlett console(s) eventually become.


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