Marvel’s Avengers has seemingly lost Square Enix $48 million

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Marvel’s Avengers has seemingly lost Square Enix $48 million

Square Enix has posted that they suffered an operating loss of more than $48 million (£36 million) and while they did not specify the cause, this run of misfortune coincides with the release of Marvel’s Avengers.

While Square did not post sales figures for the release (and it’s always worth remembering people aren’t this cagey about good news), David Gibson, an industry analyst based out of Japan, connected the dots on Twitter as "volumes were 60 per cent of plan", and this "implies [Marvel’s Avengers] cost over $100m to make but only sold 3 m or so."

Gibson went on to say, “It looks like the total cost of the game is closer to $170m-$190m given they only expenses 70% of cost in the [quarter] plus marketing costs. Why someone didn’t say stop post the multiplayer beta will remain a mystery. Square are adamant they can make a recovery."

With players numbers plummeting and Crystal Dynamics being forced to take measures to entice players back, like offering new games modes and permanently discount in-game cosmetics, it would be a surprise if Marvel’s Avengers can be saved. This could be a case like Star Wars Battlefront 2, where the game is patched up to the point where it’s actually good, but the damage to its reputation is probably permanent. Maybe it’ll get an uptick in players when it inevitably ends up being given away on Epic Game Store, PS Plus and Game Pass but I will be surprised if Square can convince people to buy this game now.

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