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Mario Kart 7 Races Around the World

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have today announced some details regarding the multiplayer features and more in the upcoming Mario Kart 7, the latest in the long line of superbly devilish kart racers that began life with Super Mario Kart on the SNES and has been seen on each of the handheld and home consoles since then.

Using any broadband or wireless internet connection players can compete with anyone in the world. Racers can create bespoke groups using the new 'Community' feature and ensure the rules for that group are to everyone's liking thanks to customisable racing environments.


Karts can be controlled as usual or via utilisation of the 3DS' gyroscopic capabilities. Excitingly players have the option to race using a first person perspective - something never seen before in the Mario Kart franchise. StreetPass powers the online gaming and ensures times, scores and all other game data can be shared when passing another player in the street on the way to work. If SpotPass is enabled, ghost data can be swapped and up to seven ghosts can be stored at any time for a full eight-player race when you get the chance! Players can race as the usual suspects, or themselves if they fancy letting their Mii loose on the track. Gamers might think twice when they see what the Fire Flower and Super Leaf power-ups do. Don't forget flight is possible this time around, as well as underwater racing.


If you fancy pre-ordering, head to Nintendo's website to claim an exclusive 3DS pouch with a Mario Kart 7 design. Mario Kart 7 is released on Nintendo 3DS across the UK on the 2nd December 2011.

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