Maneater celebrates Shark Week with new Tiger Shark body mod

It is Shark Week, the incredibly popular week-long block of television programming on Discovery dedicated solely to the greatest predators in the sea. There is no greater game to help ring in Shark Week than Maneater.

Maneater was one of the big unexpected gems of the year, it earned a TDF Silver award in our review among many other accolades from other outlets and now Tripwire Interactive is giving away a new upgrade to all players.

The skin is based on the Tiger Shark, often referred to as “the garbage can of the sea,” this new option provides extra nutrients when consuming prey in addition to providing a sharply striped cosmetic upgrade. The Tiger Shark Adaptation is now free for all players. PC gamers can pick it up at the Epic Game Store, via the most recent update, and select it at the Grotto in-game under the body evolutions options.

PS4 players can download the skin through the PSN store (North America here, Europe here) and Xbox users can get it from the store here. To equip the Tiger Shark Adaptation, just like the PC version, players must visit the nearest Grotto and select it under body evolutions.

So get out there and happy hunting.

andrewshaw andrewshaw

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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