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KnightScape Launches on iOS

Platforms: iPhone

Mobile game company Mojaro today announced its inaugural title, KnightScape™, is now available in the App Store for iOS.

KnightScape is an epic all-action game that combines fast-paced obstacle course levels with hand-to-hand combat.

Set in a stunning medieval 3D world, KnightScape is a sword-smashing adventure where a lowly peasant must fight to become a wealthy prince and rescue his princess. The game takes a chapter from storybook fairytales and immerses players in an action-packed experience featuring an original cast of characters and storyline.

KnightScape is free-to-play and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

Game Features:

A rewarding adventure in which gamers will need to overcome flying fireballs, deadly spikes, swinging axes, ruthless swordsmen, and ultimately a savage dragon!
Fast-paced action and epic sword fighting across nine levels, culminating in the ultimate battle against a fearsome dragon to reach the captive princess.
Armed combat on every level, with a range of classic weapons and armor available to customize each player’s character. Find the combination that leads to victory!
Cinematic delivery features realistic, smooth and engaging animation, outstanding Retina Display optimized graphics and a precise and intuitive swipe control system.

KnightScape is being made by Mojaro which is a new games studio that’s made up a load of industry veterans including:

CEO and Co-founder Laurent Ancessi who is a former EA and Naughty Dog developer who was an AI lead on Uncharted, Medal of Honor and Need for Speed.
Louis Castle (co-founder of Command & Conquer creator Westwood Studios),
Nick Malaperiman (helped launch Xbox Live in Canada),
Tiffany Spencer (Ex Ubisoft and EA)
and Rick Lamb (Ex Ubisoft and Naughty Dog – worked on Uncharted) among others.

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