Kinect bids farewell as Microsoft confirm no support on Xbox Series X

It’s not particularly surprising, but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has confirmed that the Xbox Series X will not support the Kinect which means that the all Kinect games will not be playable on the next generation console. Every other Xbox One release will work on the new platform.

The statement in the blog post reads “It’s our intent for all Xbox One games that do not require Kinect to play on Xbox Series X at the launch of the console.”

Kinect’s future was cut short with the release of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, neither of which featured the necessary port to connect a Kinect directly. While there was an adapter available for a short period this was also canned.

Kinect was Microsoft’s answer to the Wii’s novel motion controllers, but unlike Nintendo’s console Microsoft never managed to release a must-play title on the system. It initially launched as a peripheral for the Xbox 360 and then the initial release of the Xbox One say the Kinect being considered as an integral part of the system. Yet despite early buyers being forced to have a Kinect with their console neither first party or third party devs really delivered in terms of titles.

The once mighty Rare were forced by their owners to be one of the main studios working with the device and even though their Kinect Sports Rivals was a decent game it just never found a market. In the end just a few dozen Kinect games were available and most of those were in the fitness or dance space. Other games supported the peripheral in minor ways or made use of its voice recognition abilities – which actually were a decent stab at creating a voice based control system for the console before smart speakers really took off.

Kinect was always a decent idea crying out for a killer title and that never came.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

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