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Kickstarter Watch: Retro revisitations

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Kickstarter is fast becoming the go-to place for old-school devs who want to revisit their early games without the need to convince a publisher of their viability. David Braben's Elite: Dangerous launched with a big bang a couple of week ago, but since then a couple of other major UK properties have appeared on the crowd funding site...

Dizzy Returns

We had the iOS/Android port of Prince of the Yolkfolk last year, but now The Oliver Twins and Blitz games have turned to Kickstarter to launch a whole new Dizzy project. The Olivers are seeking a not-insignificant £350,000 and are targeting a Q3 2013 release date for the game that will see our favourite platforming egg return to PC and iOS devices (no Android?). Pledges start from £10, which will get you a digital copy of the game along with some other digital goodies; right up to £5,000 which will give you the exclusive right to design a key character in the game. At the time of writing £872 has been pledged and the campaign closes on 21st December 2012...

We'd love to see this happen - a truly new Dizzy adventure is something we're craving, but we can't help but think that the funding target is optimistic and will be a tough one to meet. Fingers crossed!



What is Godus? Well first, it's being developed by Peter Molyneux' new 22 Cans studio; second, it's a God Game; and third, it aims to recapture the magic of the 16-bit classic Populous with some Dungeon Keeper and Black & White thrown in for good measure... Colour us VERY EXCITED!

22 Cans are aiming to raise £450,000 by 21st December with pledges ranging from £5 to £5,000. If you want the game, the minimum pledge is £15. Godus is initially being developed for PC, iOS and Android. Other platforms may follow.

This should be a shoe-in, why we haven't already had a good Molyneux-led Populous update through regular channels is a mystery. The funding goal should easily be achievable too.


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