Just Cause 4 available on Xbox Game Pass right now!

In somewhat of a surprise move, Microsoft has updated its Xbox Game Pass lineup today, adding the very recently released Just Cause 4 to the service.

The bombastic explode-em-up adventure starring everyone’s favourite wing-suiting hero, Rico Rodriguez, hits Xbox Game Pass today having only been released on December 4th.

Usually, new third-party releases, especially triple-A blockbuster titles like Just Cause 4, are out in the wild for at least a few more months than we are seeing here. However, considering that the major sales boom for Just Cause 4 would have been at its initial release, perhaps Square Enix decided to focus on getting as many players in the door as possible, and Xbox Game Pass is a wonderful way of doing that. The Season Pass for the the game is not included with Xbox Game Pass, so Square Enix will be hoping that playing the full game on the service will lead to players wanting to pay for the DLC.

Square Enix appear to have struck up quite the relationship with Microsoft, and are obviously seeing the benefits of a service such as Xbox Game Pass, as Just Cause 4 is not their only flagship title to come to Xbox Game Pass shortly after release. Shadow of the Tomb Raider released on September 14th 2018 and hit Microsoft’s digital service shortly after on February 7th 2019. The whole Tomb Raider trilogy is now available on Xbox Game Pass.

Though many will be worried about the streaming and digital-focused future of video games, and game ownership looking like it will soon be a thing of the past, can anyone deny that Xbox Game Pass is a great deal for consumers? £7.99 a month for all of these lovely games is a little too good to ignore. If you’re not sure if Just Cause 4 is a worthy download, check out our review right here.

Speaking of the future of video games and how we consume them, could Microsoft be about to release a disc-less Xbox One S? Read about the rumour here.

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Updated: Mar 06, 2019

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