Jetman coming to a new book soon

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Jetman coming to a new book soon

Retro gamers, and ZX Spectrum owners in particular, will remember Crash magazine well. One of the best video game publications of the 1980s if featured all of the usual things you'd expect from a gaming magazine with the cool added addition of a monthly one-page comic strip focusing on Jetman that was created by the late John Richardson.

The comic would feature the adventures of the Ultimate Play The Game (now Rare) character and was one of the highlights of the magazine. Now Fusion Retro Books are collecting together every single instalment of the series and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds need to publish the new annual.

There are obviously loads of perks - from a copy of the annual through to prints, mugs and cushions! The paperback version of the book is still available at the 'Earlybird' price of £15 - which will net you both the book and a book cover postcard signed by Roger Kean and Oliver Frey. Once the Earlybird editions are sold out you can still pick up the book for the same price sans-postcard.

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