Is the Fortnite island about to be flooded?

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Is the Fortnite island about to be flooded?

The new Fortnite update went live this morning bringing with it the addition of some new posters that have appeared around the map that suggest a focus on more waterplay may be in the offing for the upcoming Chapter 2 Season 3 of the game's Battle Royale.

The posters all feature the key bosses/lairs with the Meowsicles poster in particular showing the feline waste deep in water. The second chapter of the game has so far resisted too many huge changes to the map other than the addition of the lairs in the second season so this could be the first big shift and could see more focus placed on water-based gameplay.

Boats are already in the game but could we see further water-based vehicles or mechanics - maybe even diving, seeing as there appear to be some tantalising structures beneath the surface of some areas of the map.

Fortnite: Chapter Two, Season Three is scheduled to kick off in June having previously been delayed from it's end-of-April debut. With a whole month of the current season left to complete we can expect more developments and hints to come to light over the coming weeks...

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