Is a GameCube mini in the offing? New Nintendo trademark applications provide some hints.

Platforms: Retro

Following recent news that saw Nintendo trademarking certain N64 terms, it seems that our favourite Japanese console maker is at it again with new trademarks relating to their gorgeous little cube of gaming, the GameCube.

Japanese Nintendo are reporting that the company has applied for "three new GameCube trademarks in Japan related to video gaming (not general merchandising) purposes including video game program and video game machine."

While it's early days - and the GameCube, at least in terms of timelines, shouldn't be the next console to get a minified version; it does suggest that Nintendo aim to continue with their so-far-successful plan of relaunching old consoles with a limited game library. Although as the tech gets more advanced we can see prices starting to creep up.

Finger's crossed that more people get to enjoy some GameCube classics though - it was a fantastic little box that deserved much more recognition.


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