IO Interactive say Project 007 could be a trilogy

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IO Interactive say Project 007 could be a trilogy

High on the success of Hitman 3, IO Interactive studio director Hakan Abrak is ready to start talking up their next big project, the James Bond adaptation Project 007.

While speaking to Danish outlet, Abrak said that IO Interactive has come up with a "completely original story" which he "could easily imagine that a trilogy could come out of it."

He also confirmed that Project 007 will have its own James Bond, rather than any previous actors' digital likeness.

Abrak would also go into how IO managed to convince Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson – the gatekeepers of the Bond license – to let them make a Bond game after the Brocollis were allegedly unhappy with previous Bond games. According to Abrak, they felt they were not "worthy" of the IP and were often "violence for the sake of violence."

I hope they aren't including our precious Goldeneye in that.

This suggests IO Interactive will be bringing a lot more variety to Project 007's gameplay and won't be another mindless action-fest. This fits with their more cool and collected approach to violence in Hitman, along with their knack for telling stories with international intrigue, it is clear why their pitch was successful.

Project 007 was announced in November 2020, but there is currently no release window or even gameplay footage, so we could be in for a wait. In the meantime, you should really check out IO's handiwork with Hitman 3 which garnered a 9/10 in our review.

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