Intriguing indie game 0°N 0°W out today - check out the launch trailer

Platforms: PC

Colorfiction's 0°N 0°W aka Zero North Zero West is one of those intriguing indie titles that has crept up on us and has looked more and more interesting each time we find out a little more about it.

Set on a fictional island where literally everything is open to be explored, 0°N 0°W hit Steam today with a launch week discount of 10% on the usual price of £7.19 ($9.99 in the US).

0°N 0°W is a first-person surreal exploration adventure of visual auditory stimuli. Experience entirely non-linear gameplay in an awe-inspiring open world where everything you see is accessible. There are no barriers or invisible walls to block your curiosity; walk to the very edge of the world, and see what happens...

0°N 0°W has been steadily gaining attention on the global expo scene as well as receiving a growing number of intrigued articles in the gaming media. The launch trailer sets the scene with a road trip turned mysterious, which begins 0°N 0°W's surreal adventure.


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