How ‘Dual-Reality’ gameplay works in The Medium

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox Series X | PC
How ‘Dual-Reality’ gameplay works in The Medium

The Medium is an upcoming horror title from Bloober Team, the Xbox exclusives biggest selling point is a fascinating ‘dual-reality’ gameplay system that has your character existing in two realms at the same time.

Bloober Team has released a new video to explain and display the way dual-reality works. Two-thirds of your time in The Medium will be spent in one reality or the other, either our physical realm or the spiritual realm. The rest of the time sees you exist between worlds, seeing the titular Medium, Marianne, exploring the world of the living and the dead simultaneously and getting unique insights from both. The two worlds are said to be rendered in real-time, side by side, all thanks to the advanced next-gen technology. 

It certainly looks impressive but we will need to see more tangible examples of how it benefits the game and how it changes the way a story like this can be told before knowing whether this is a good idea or not. One thing is for certain, The Medium is a bold and original concept for a horror game and that alone is very exciting.

The Medium launches on 10th Dec for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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