Hitman's IO Interactive announce "Project 007" Bond game

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Hitman's IO Interactive announce

IO Interactive, developers and publishers of the acclaimed Hitman series, have announced their next project to follow Hitman 3 will be none other than a James Bond game currently known only as Project 007.

The announcement came just minutes ago, and the trailer is very basic, offering no gameplay, only the standard Bond iconography of the gun chamber intro. Honestly, the mere concept of IO Interactive applying their game design genius to the Bond franchise is enough to create mass excitement. I could not think of a better pairing of developer and IP, honestly.

The game's official site is similarly threadbare but promises "a wholly original Bond story" and that it will be an origins story as Bond strives to earn 00 status. They also put out a call for job applications as they intend to hire "elite talent" for this new project.

IO's next title, Hitman 3, is pencilled in for early 2021 so I would not expect anything too substantial on Project 007 until the dust has settled on their final instalment of the new Hitman trilogy.

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