Hitman 3's save transfer site is taking a hit right now

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Hitman 3's save transfer site is taking a hit right now

Hitman 3 is another big success for IO Interactive, bringing their trademark formula with some of the best level design the series has ever seen. One of the game's best features is the ability to load in levels from Hitman and Hitman 2 and play the entire World of Assassination trilogy through the Hitman 3 interface.

This was a little trickier for PC owners as Hitman 3 is currently an Epic Games Store exclusive while Hitman 2 is currently only available on Steam. IO Interactive confirmed that player progression would carry over into Hitman 3 despite this, using a website to perform a one-time transfer. It will transfer player progression through the previous two games and, as such, confirm that you own Hitman 2. The site is also designed to help carry over progress for console players between last and next-gen hardware.

Unfortunately, due to high demand from Hitman fans eager to get back to work, the site is experiencing issues.

Players are experiencing failed messages or error notifications if the site even lets them log in at all. Additionally, people who did not make IO accounts previously experienced issues getting signed up for a new account.

IO have explained the demand is too high for such a complicated process via a post on Twitter.

This has the knock-on effect that many Hitman 3 owners have yet to play as IO recommends players complete this process before starting since the transfer will delete your existing data.

There is no set timeframe for when this issue will be handled, and the site stabilises. In the meantime, you can check our 9/10 review which called it the new peak of the Hitman series.

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