Hideo Kojima confirms a new mystery project is in development

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Hideo Kojima confirms a new mystery project is in development

Hideo Kojima has confirmed, through the Kojima Productions Twitter account (and the Kojima Productions LinkedIn), that a mysterious new project is in development.

Things have been quiet from the Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding visionary of late, aside from a renewed push for the Death Stranding PC release. 

There have been many rumours around what would be next, including several hints that Kojima may be working on a horror game.

Could this be the next game, a possible spiritual successor to the cancelled Silent Hills? He has already proven with Metal Gear Solid V, Death Stranding, and PT that he knows how to create atmospheres of absolute terror and that was apparently before he did thorough research.

Or could it be a sequel to Death Stranding? Anyone who finished Kojima’s latest masterpiece will be scratching their heads at the prospect of a sequel but never second-guess Hideo Kojima.

Additionally, Ludvig Forssell, Kojima Productions Audio Director, has also revealed that he is already recording for the project. Could it possibly be further along than we thought? Possibly enough for a teaser? At The Game Awards this December, perhaps? Kojima and Geoff Keighley have form for that.

Whatever the new project is, it is safe to say we will be left bewildered the entire time and eager to know more, even while playing the game itself.

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