Hidden Deep looks to bring Alien and The Thing inspired creeps to Steam this year

Platforms: PC
Hidden Deep looks to bring Alien and The Thing inspired creeps to Steam this year

We all love a good indie horror game and developer Cogwheel Software alongside publisher Daedalic Entertainment are preparing to give us another with the upcoming sci-fi thriller Hidden Deep.

The game is being promoted as "The Thing meets Barotrauma", but Barotrauma is a well-regarded multiplayer co-op game, with a similar aesthetic, whereas this is a single-player experience. Hidden Deep strikes me more as a callback to games like Another World and Flashback, only with a squad component added in. And as a fan of that era of gaming, I am very excited at the possibilities here.

In Hidden Deep, you lead a team of four researchers into a mysterious facility 1 situated 6 km below the ocean floor to uncover the truth about what happened after the crew mysteriously vanished.

Using various gadgets, you must shoot, blast and sneak your way through dangerous traps and alien lairs and there are even hints that your own crew can become infected and try to kill you. Fun times in claustrophobic paranoia, I am all about that. I live there.

The game boasts a story mode with more than 50 narrative-driven, handcrafted levels paying homage to sci-fi classics, with other reference points being Alien and Half-Life. And there is a challenge mode that presents players with procedurally generated levels.

Hidden Deep will be hitting Steam in 2021. In the meantime, players can sample some of the subterranean spooks with a demo available from 3rd to 9th February during the Steam Games Festival: February 2021. For more information, you can also join the Hidden Deep Discord community.

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