Hey, kids! Among Us memes!

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Hey, kids! Among Us memes!

Among Us is the new breakout hit of the year. From its launch in November 2018, the game saw a recent surge of popularity sending its daily active users jumping from 2.3 at launch to 60 million this month. The game of deduction and betrayal has been a worldwide sensation, with help from its influx of support from influential Twitch streamers. 

And how does our culture communicate the value of something? Through memes and fan art.

Among Us could well rival Fall Guys in terms of the depth and ingenuity of its memes, and here are some of the best.

Cyan Wright: Ace Attorney.

Among us: How to solve a murder case 101 from r/AmongUs

Whatever happens, be sure to take your fate with dignity and poise.

When you get voted out because you were ‘sus’ from r/AmongUs

Just as long as you are never this guy. No one likes this guy. Play the game properly or play something else.

the worst from r/AmongUs

Also, never be this guy. No one likes a liar.

Please don’t do this from r/AmongUs

Among Us gets quite terrifying when you make everyone realistic.

Don't go in electrical alone boys from r/AmongUs

Who are we kidding? This game is terrifying even with the actual designs.

From one of my favorite IG animators @lumpytouch from r/AmongUs

But, more terrifying yet, imagine the horror of Among Us with 99 other people

A video I found on YT AMONG US, but with 100 PLAYERS from r/AmongUs

And, to end things, this beautifully accurate recreation of a group meeting using the business card scene in American Psycho.

Among Us is available via Steam, Google Play and the App Store, and offers cross-play functionality so everyone can get in on the paranoid fun.

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