HeroQuest is returning to the UK - but it won't be cheap

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HeroQuest is returning to the UK - but it won't be cheap

Hasbro have announced that HeroQuest - the fantasy board game that kids of the eighties and nineties will remember well - is set to return. Having previously announced that it was set for release in the US and Canada via a crowdfunding campaign the game 'system' is now set to hit UK shores too via Zavvi.

HeroQuest was relaunched in the United States and Canada through Hasbro’s crowdfunding platform, HasLab, has already exceeded the funding goal and will begin shipping in Autumn 2021. This updated version of the game will feature new art, premium miniature figures and exclusive quest books for an enhanced gameplay experience and increased collectability. UK fans can get in on the action by ordering on Zavvi, and the orders will be counted towards the crowdfunding total.

Only one version of the game will be available in the UK - the £149.99 'Mythic Tier' edition that includes everything from the core HeroQuest game system featuring 71 highly detailed character and furniture miniatures as well as 4 bonus hero miniatures and an exclusive Sir Ragnar miniature, plus two expansion packs (Return of the WitchLord, Kellar’s Keep), two exclusive figures (Mentor, The WitchLord) and the ability to receive additional components and exclusive offerings through different tier unlocks.

HeroQuest can be pre-ordered from Zavvi now.

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