Hell Let Loose: Biggest Update Yet!

Hell Let Loose Update

The latest update to the the World War II first-person shooter went live today and the 7th update to the Steam Early Access title is the biggest to date. The update sees the map of Carentan playable for the first time, with publisher Team17 promising ‘brutal house-to-house, street-to-street fighting in the largest urban environment in the game to date’.

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Carentan, the newest map to the game is described as ‘a city of strategic significance in the days following the Normandy landings on D-Day’.

Carentan is available to play in either Offensive mode or Warfare mode, the former requiring an attacking team to capture all sectors held by the defending team and latter a more traditional battle for a majority of sectors. Using real maps and reconnaissance images from the time, Carentan will force players into tight. close-knit combat between streets and houses.

Developed by Black Matter and being published by Team17, Hell Let Loose looks to bring ‘the hell of war to new levels of intensity’ and the challenges the new map brings will be different to what we’ve seen so far. Max Rea, Studio Head at Black Matter said: ‘The real world fighting in and around Carentan was brutal and entirely different to any of the other battles held during the war up to that point, and it’s that experience that we’ve aimed to reproduce as best and as accurate as possible for our incredibly passionate and growing community of players.’

Epic Combat: teams of 50 vs 50, broken down into units of five, ”bringing the hell of war to new levels of intensity’.

The 50 vs 50 shooter has been in early access since June 2019 and the update doesn’t just include the titular map either. The animation system has been overhauled, ‘pushing realism further’ with Rea describing the animation overhaul as ‘the icing on the cake – it pushes everything that bit further!’

Ben Ingham

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

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