Hauma looks like Drive meets True Detective

Platforms: All | PC
Hauma looks like Drive meets True Detective

From watching the trailer for Hauma, I began to imagine it as a cross-pollination of Nicolas Winding Refn and the first season of True Detective, and I was immediately sold.

Hauma is an interactive graphic novel neo-noir mystery focused on Judith, an ex-detective obsessed with an unsolved murder investigation from her past. Her investigation will unearth conspiracies implicating the powerful figures.

The game is presented in a graphic novel style, bathed in neon pinks and blues, with a full voice cast to bring this world to life. You get to choose how you interact with these characters and how you unravel each puzzle.

Hauma will be the debut release for Senam Games, an independent studio based out of Munich. It will be released on PC in 2021 and you can wishlist it on Steam right now.

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