Halloween is coming to your island in Animal Crossing's newest update

Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Halloween is coming to your island in Animal Crossing's newest update

It doesn't look like many of us will be going trick-or-treating next month, at least not physically, but there is another option, thanks to the newest update on its way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Coming to the Switch on 30th September, the second update to come to the game this month after the Fall update dropped at the start of September, players can begin preparing for the big night by buying candy from Nook's Cranny for 120 bells. You're going to need that candy if you want some of the special rewards that Jack, the "reigning czar of Halloween," has to give away when he visits on the 31st October.

Keep an eye out for Jack between 17:00-00:00 on Halloween!

It wouldn't be Halloween without pumpkins and yes you can grow them to make pumpkin spice lattes craft seasonal DIY items such as the jack o'lantern street light seen in the announcement video below. Players can also learn some new reactions, along with new costumes (we saw some witchy-looking garbs in the video) so even if you can't go out and dress up, your character can.

The trailer also teased some more updates to come to the game for the rest of the year, with an update planned for the Nooklink App, as well as a future update in November for players to look forward to.

New Horizons has been one of the success stories of the year not just commercially, it's the second best-selling video game of all time over there, but in the ways that the community has come together in what has been a tough year for everyone. Whether its visitors to islands donating bells for construction projects or just leaving gifts of costumes and other fun things when you visit their island, New Horizons is a game that encourages community and sharing, and what better way to do both than by spending Halloween on your island.

Mix up your look with some new customisations options!

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