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Gran Turismo 5 2.0 & Free Car

Platforms: Android | Sony PlayStation 3

Although Forza 4 is released this week (and to learn just how good it is please check out The Digital Fix's review) it's important to remember that as a PS3 owner the equivalent and equally brilliant driving simulator was released a year ago. Excitingly, Polyphony Digital have recently launched a free celebratory car and more importantly updated the game to version 2.0.

Free Red Bull X2010 S.Vettel:


Glorious and blooming fast!

To celebrate Sebastien Vettel winning the Formula One driver's world championship for the second time in a row, every player will be given the above car via a gift ticket as long as they log into PSN when they start up the game. As the Gran Turismo site notes:

"The “fastest racing car on earth, free of all rules and regulations”; the X2010 is a car created from this theme.

Initially in its development, the X2010 was a single seater canopied prototype with covered wheels. However Adrian Newey, the chief technical officer of Red Bull Racing who became partner in this project, suggested a new “wing” be added to the car: Fan car technology.

A fan car is a racing machine that draws out the air underneath a car using a fan, sucking the car towards the ground to create downforce. Because it creates a powerful downforce regardless of the car’s current speed, it is extremely fast on the track.

The performance of fan cars have been proven in the past, in cars such as the Chaparral 2J and Brabham BT46B. But both of these cars were banned from racing for their extreme speed. Unleashing this forbidden power, the X2010 became a racing machine with a huge fan at the rear end of the car. The front and rear wings, and the rear diffuser were reshaped to match. This made the X2010 a car that was capable of achieving over 450km/h, pulling a maximum horizontal G-force at the very limits of what a human body can handle, at 8.75G."

Spa - coming in the paid for DLC

Gran Turismo 5 2.0:

- Standard Cars now given simplified interior views
- New Opening Movie
- Addition of the Weather Changeability menu
- Multiple car settings/save feature
- 11 new NASCAR cars
- Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motor Sports model added
- Avatar now usable in Photo Travel
- Replay Fast Forward/Rewind
-Improved Online Lounge
- Additional features to Remote Racing
- New Photo Stage Added
- Addition of the Consecutive Login Bonus
- DLC (Downloadable Content) Compatibility
- Official Support for the G25/G27 Racing Wheels

For full details about the free car and the update check out the game's site here and here.

One of the DLC cars

Finally, on October 18th via PSN we will get the first paid for DLC for the game which will include courses, cars, racing gear and paint packs with the option to buy each separately or all in one. Fantastic stuff.

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