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Gotham City Imposters Customisation Trailer

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox 360

A new trailer for the slightly bonkers (in a good way), Gotham City Imposters is now online. Brought to us by WB Games and Monolith this crazy XBLA title is due for launch in 2012 for a reported 1200pts.


The Gotham City Imposters

It's an odd concept, granted, the easiest way to describe the premise is to recall the troop of Batman wannabe's seen in the The Dark Knight and the classic "I'm not wearing hockey pads" quote. You essentially pretend to be a superhero and attempt to clean up the streets. Multiplayer carnage is the name of the game and on that front, it looks likely to be successful. Expect a lot of Gotham City characters and weapons to be littered throughout.

Check out this very nice customisation trailer....

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