Google Stadia: June 6th Stadia Connect event to reveal games, launch info, and pricing

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Google Stadia: June 6th Stadia Connect event to reveal games, launch info, and pricing

Google has announced its first Stadia Connect livestream event for June 6th, in which they will be revealing launch information, Stadia's mysterious pricing, and games coming to the streaming platform.

The livestream will be the very first time since the initial reveal of the platform that Google will speak about their first major gaming endeavour.

The tech giant announced back in March that Google Stadia would in fact be launching at some point in 2019. Stadia Connect will give us a solid date, hopefully one that is not too far away. I'd love a Stadia shadow drop just before E3. That would be some move.

Pricing is the most pressing concern for most, as we have absolutely no indication as to how much games are going to cost, or how much a potential Stadia subscription is going to cost. This will be the question where the answer could make or break Google Stadia.

Google says there will be game reveals during the Stadia Connect. So far we only have confirmation that Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal will be coming to the platform. Whether Stadia Connect will provide reveals of games we don't know about, or will simply reveal a list of already announced/released games that will be coming to the platform is anyone's guess. Let's hope it's both, eh?

Stadia Connect will reveal all of this information on June 6th at 5pm UK time. You'll be able to watch it all go down on the Stadia YouTube channel.

What this announcement tells us, more than anything else, is that Nintendo Direct's have had a profound impact on the industry and how game companies choose to reveal information. Inside Xbox, PlayStation State of Play, and now Stadia Connect, Nintendo have clearly nailed their messaging.

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