Google Stadia: "All the concerns ... are completely valid"

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Google Stadia:

In the 70 days since Google Stadia hit the shelves it's been almost entirely ignored by its manufacturer - there have been NO new releases in 40 days and near radio silence from Google on updates.

A thread on reddit on this subject has been noticed by Google who offered a response with 'Grace', a Community Manager from Google saying "All the concerns you've brought to the table are completely valid, and I understand where your frustrations are coming from. Nobody likes to be left in the dark. While I don't have product updates to share right at this second, I can promise you that I have been, and will continue taking feedback posted to r/Stadia and other channels, like the Stadia Community Forum, back to the Stadia team."

Google currently say they're tracking 120 games due to come to the platform including eight exclusives that will appear in the first half of 2020 - however as yet we know nothing more and Google are keeping their lips tightly sealed.

With the platform suffering teething issues on launch to a severe lack of games, many gamers who were keen on the service have started to cancel their subscriptions due to the lack of new info coming out of Google or any Stadia publishing partners.

A platform lives or dies by its publisher support and games library and unless Google make big improvements we can see Google Stadia becoming a interesting, but ultimately failed, experiment.

Google are adding two more games for Stadia Pro subscribers in February - the platform's only exclusive Gylt and Metro: Exodus.

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