Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is a new online co-op mode coming this autumn

After Ghost of Tsushima blew the gaming world away with what our TDF Gold review called “new standard in open-world action games,” Sucker Punch is ready to unleash an all-new layer to this game’s winning style. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will be a free online co-op multiplayer, available to all Ghost of Tsushima owners.

“Legends is an entirely new experience,” Darren Bridges, senior game producer at Sucker Punch via a post on the PlayStation Blog

“It’s a separate mode that doesn’t follow Jin or the companions from his journey, but instead focuses on four warriors who have been built up as legends in stories told by the people of Tsushima.”

This makes me wonder if the four characters you can choose will be connected to the Mythic side quests in the main Ghost of Tsushima campaigns such as Tadayori, Uchistune, Gosaku, and Kensei. There are other possibilities but these are the ones that jump out to me.

Bridges continues, “Ghost of Tsushima’s single-player campaign focuses on an open world and exploring the natural beauty of the island, but Legends is haunting and fantastical, with locations and enemies inspired by Japanese folk tales and mythology and an emphasis on cooperative combat and action.”

Legends promises two separate but excessively online co-op experiences for players; a two-player story mode, where players will utilise all their skills learned in the single-player game with a supernatural twist, and a four-player survival mode that sees your quarter of warriors taking on wave after wave of enemies. 

Players choose from one of four different character classes: the Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, or Assassin. Each class will have its own advantages.

Shortly after launch Sucker Punch will also add a four-player raid mode that seems to be exactly what it says on the tin; a raid in the classic World of Warcraft or Destiny style. A long dungeon crawl through waves of increasingly tough enemies with a boss battle waiting at the end. 

This is a really exciting way for Sucker Punch to expand on the world of Ghost of Tsushima and give players more incentive to keep enjoying that incredible combat system and stunning world design.

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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

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