Ghost of Tsushima is the PS4’s fastest-selling exclusive IP debut of all time


On top of the much deserved critical acclaim healed upon Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima (check out our TDF Gold review here), the samurai epic now has the honour of becoming the fastest-selling IP debut for a first-party release.

PlayStation’s official Twitter account confirmed that Ghost of Tsushima racked up an impressive worldwide total of 2.4 million units in the first three days, following its release last week. The previous record-holder, Horizon: Zero Dawn sold 2.6 million units in the first TWO WEEKS of release. This is an incredible achievement for Sucker Punch’s PS4 swan song, their first title since Infamous: Second Son and First Light saw release in the early days of the system’s lifespan.

It has been an impressive month for sales for Sony exclusives, with The Last of Us Part II selling over 4 million copies in its first three days of release, making it the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive title of all time.

With this console generation winding down, there will be no more PS4 exclusives due to the likelihood of cross-gen releases with the PS5 before the PS4 is eventually shuttered completely, which means Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II get to hold these accolades forever. They could not go to more deserving titles.

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