Ghost of Tsushima gets online co-op, Game+ mode and more this month

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4
Ghost of Tsushima gets online co-op, Game+ mode and more this month

Ghost of Tsushima is a strong contender for Game of The Year, we gave it a 10/10 in our TDF Gold review, boasting a compelling and rewarding gameplay loop and a stunningly immersive game world. There were already many reasons to want to return to this game for repeat plays but Sucker Punch are going to give us even more this month with their Version 1.1 update.

The update includes the teased online co-op mode, called Legends, which lets up to four players to work together in an all-new story with new characters and enemies based on Japanese mythology. The update also comes with New Game+ mode, which lets players start a new playthrough retaining their upgrades, gear, and charms from a previous save, and also comes with a new horse.

Another welcome addition to the game is armour load outs, so you can customise your armour and switch between these load-outs with less fuss. This is great for me because during certain missions I like to be a pauper looking ronin with a wide-brimmed hat, and other times I want to be the intimidating Ghost. This update will reduce how much time is wasted in menus.

We will get to enjoy these add-ons when Update 1.1 is released on 16th October.

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