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Gamer wrath could blight Microsoft's next console

Platforms: Android | Microsoft Xbox 720

Rumours continue to pour out that the next-gen Microsoft console will require a permanent internet connection to work. Recent leaks to Kotaku back up this and even Redmond's own have fanned the flames with Microsoft Studio's Creative Director, Adam Orth posting the following on Twitter.


If that's not a confirmation, we're not sure what is. Orth's account has since been made private - most likely for breaking ranks and leaking this info and also because of the amount of scorn being thrown his way by gamers.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that most gamers ARE now online the global internet infrastructure isn't reliable enough to make an "always on" console. Claims are that there is a three minute grace period to handle dropped connections, but what if your internet goes down for days? It happens to all of us - and losing the ability to play our console OFFLINE during that time isn't acceptable.

The recent SimCity debacle demonstrates that it's not only local internet connectivity that is in question - what about the authentication servers? What if they go offline by accident or are hacked? What about fifteen years down the line when Microsoft decide to retire their Durango cloud - will all of our consoles stop working?

There are clear benefits to having an always on console - but it's only something we want to do by CHOICE. If it's a method of DRM (which at the end of the day, it most likely is) then it's another example of genuine customers being shafted while those that break the law will find ways around this.

Microsoft - if you want to remain a contender you need to do three things:

1. Drop this stupid always on requirement
2. Engage and treat your developers with respect
3. Lift the draconian restrictions you put in place with regards to indie projects

If you fail in any of these, we won't be buying the Xbox 720.

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