Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin is supposedly working on open-world RPG Great Rune with FromSoftware

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Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin is supposedly working on open-world RPG Great Rune with FromSoftware

Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin is apparently working with FromSoftware on a new open-world RPG called Great Rune, according to various sources.

The rumour that R.R. Martin was working on a video game with FromSoftware surfaced in March of this year, with YouTube channel Spawn Wave stating that the game is an ambitious open-world game. The video goes on to discuss how players will be able to visit different kingdoms, then take the abilities of their kings after a battle, Mega-Man style. Check out Spawn Wave's video below.

The rumour has resurfaced today following George R.R. Martin writing the following in a blog post where he discusses the end of HBO's adaptation of Game of Thrones: "I’ve consulted on a video game out of Japan".

This new development straight from the source has led Gematsu to reveal some information about the rumoured title they now feel confident sharing. Gematsu claim that, according to a source familiar with FromSoftware's projects, the title is known internally as "GR". The site say they have been asked only to share the acronym. Gematsu state that, if the rumour is true, then the game has been in development for three years, and "is an open-world title (with horse riding) and collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin published by Bandai Namco, which will be officially announced at Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference".

Gematsu state that they have not been able to verify the information with additional sources, but George R.R. Martin's blog post was enough to convince them to share this information.

That's not all though, VG247 have uncovered a 4Chan post that reveals a Norse mythology setting for the game, and its development title is Project Rune.

The post also reveals that FromSoftware consider the game a spiritual successor to Dark Souls, but with significant changes. It will also feature multiplayer where players can invade the worlds of other players to help or hinder the host. Apparently the game will be multiplatform, with only a cinematic trailer shown at E3 2019.

VG247 say that from what they have heard the "GR" synonym mentioned by Gematsu stands for Great Rune, which is the potentially final title of the game.

A collaboration between FromSoftware and the creator of a world as rich as Game of Thrones sounds like a match made in heaven. Bring on E3.

Photo credit: Henry Söderlund

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