Frogwares warn gamers to avoid The Sinking City on Steam

Platforms: PC
Frogwares warn gamers to avoid The Sinking City on Steam

It's a rare sight when a developer tells people to not buy their game.

Developer Frogwares has announced on Twitter that the version of The Sinking City currently on Steam is not the one it made, and gamers should not support it.

The Sinking City, a 1920s detective game inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft, was released in 2019 before being pulled from digital storefronts in 2020 following a financial dispute between developers Frogwares and the game's publisher Nacon.

Frogwares claimed that Nacon failed to provide financing for the development process or file accurate income reports. Nacon, conversely, claimed that Frogwares were lying to discredit the publisher for… reasons?

In January 2021, a preliminary ruling in the legal dispute found Frogwares terminated their contract with Nacon "in a 'manifestly unlawful' manner" and ordered the title restored to storefronts.

The Sinking City returned to Steam and other storefronts but very shortly disappeared again in a mystery that would baffle even Lovecraft's weird, awful brain. The title remained on Microsoft Store and Origin.

The Sinking City has once again returned to Steam, but the listing is different from the one that was previously removed. Steam users are leaving 'mostly-negative' comments that suggest it's an old version of the game, without any DLC content, achievements, or cloud saves.

It seems as though Nacon restored a build they had access to, and now Frogwares are sharing updates that warn gamers against buying this copy. That post has since been pulled, presumably by Nacon.

The now deleted update.

Frogwares have taken to Twitter to issue a further warning to gamers to avoid the game.

It seems like the crazy story of The Sinking City is not over yet; what twists await?

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