Fortnite - The 'rift' is growing, what could that mean for Season Five?

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A few days ago the Fortnite world witnessed the launch and then crash of the rocket that has been a major location on the Battle Royale map for some time. As the rocket launched and headed towards space it apparently crashed into something that formed a huge rift that is now visible from all areas of the map. That rift is now growing as can be seen from these images captured in the game by Reddit user Discount_Pringles.

There is loads of speculation around what the rift is and what it means for Season Five of the multiplayer game - which launches on 12th July. Not only is the rift growing but other smaller rifts are appearing around the map hinting that something big is brewing.

Our theory is that the rift will be a portal to another world - that might mean a new map or just one-way traffic with new 'character skins' based on this other world and maybe some other cool consumables such as the strange rock fragments that arrived with the meteorite strike that launched Season Four.

One of the ongoing highlights of the Season approach to Fortnite is the fact that the map can evolve over time as we've seen as life returns to the craters caused by the meteor strike.

We can be sure that between now and 12th July we'll see more and more things happening as a result of the rift and we're looking forward to seeing what else the next season brings.

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