Fortnite Season 6 launches with a spooky trailer and a cube-load of patch notes

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Fortnite Season 6 has landed with a new trailer that reveals just what that mysterious purple cube has done since it turned Loot Lake into a springboarder's paradise. Just in time for Halloween, the new season brings with it a spooky castle, floating islands and a new 'Shadow Stone' consumable.

It also kickstarts the new Battle Pass with an additional 100 levels and 100 rewards to take us through to Season 7 in around ten weeks time.

Find out more about the new Battle Pass (which seemingly introduces pets to the game) in the video below.

The full list of updates for Fortnite Version 6.00 is here.

Most of interest is the new 'Shadow Stone' consumable which can be found around the corrupted areas of the map and brings with it the following while in Shadow Form:
  • Unable to use weapons.
  • Become invisible to enemies when stationary.
  • You become more visible and leave behind a Shadow Trail when moving.
  • Gain increased movement speed, jump height and fall damage immunity.
  • Gain a new ability, Phase, can be activated by pressing the Primary Fire button.
    • Phase: Propels you in the direction you are facing, and allows you to pass through objects.

  • The effect lasts 45 seconds but can be exited early by holding down Alt Fire button (aim down sights).

In other Fortnite news, Playstation players can now join their rival console owning friends with the news that Sony has backed down and has allowed crossplay to be added to the PS4 version of the game.

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