Fortnite: Playground Mode is back!

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The Playground Mode in Fortnite has been reinstated by Epic following its removal for causing 'server problems' six days ago. The new mode is design to be more of a sandbox than the main Battle Royale game allowing players an hour to mess around on the map building and searching before giving them a time limited conclusion. Anyone who dies before the time limit kicks in can respawn and continue to play before the final countdown, after which anyone who dies it out of the game.

The new mode is designed as something of an introduction to new players and to allow others to hon their skills. In the two hours that the mode was live the first time around someone even managed to destroy the whole of the Tilted Tours area of the map with one shot!

We're expecting to find out more about what caused the server problems soon, but in the meantime we're keen to see what other shenanigans adventurous players can get up to in this new mode.

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