Fortnite's latest update brings a huge vault in Loot Lake

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Fortnite's latest update brings a huge vault in Loot Lake

As Season 8 speeds towards its conclusion there's no surprise that Epic are starting to introduce more questions in the lead up to Season 9 and the latest is the sudden appearance of a huge vault and worrying noises right in the middle of Loot Lake - exactly the spot that saw that strange purple cube really mess up the map a couple of seasons back.

What will the vault bring? Could it be the anticipated Kraken in there waiting to make its escape? Could it be a new underground part of the map that will promote more close quarters combat? Or, could it actually contain every vaulted weapon and vehicle the game has had so far? Imagine all out war with access to every single weapon.

Whatever it is, Epic are pretty good at keeping us guessing and doing what we least expect. Maybe Marshmello is waiting down there to throw another gig for us all.

This week also brings a couple of new modes - one, Air Royale, brings back the planes that made last season so much fun but this time it's exclusively aerial combat with each team of two players getting three planes in which to try and kill the other teams. It makes for a great alternative to the old on-foot gameplay.

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