Fortnite is a bigger competitor to Netflix than other streaming networks

In Netflix‘ most recent earnings report the company suggested that they consider Fortnite to be bigger competition than other streaming networks from the likes of Disney and HBO.

It’s an interesting, but not inaccurate claim – with Netlflix currently accounting for around 10% of screen time in the US, the increasingly fractured streaming market that is seeing networks launch their own offerings means that the same money will be chasing an increasing number of options.

At the same time Fortnite is growing even more quickly – 200 million registered users worldwide compared the 139 million accounts currently active on Netflix.

As Netflix lose more programming to networks who take broadcasting online in house, they’re ramping up their spend on original content – both in TV and film – and on bringing shows that are network based in the US to a worldwide audience. We’ve also seen Netflix making moves into the gaming market with the recently launch of Minecraft: Story Mode and the interactive Black Mirror episode, Bandersnatch. We expect to see more of this as the company fights for the screentime of a younger audience.

It’s an interesting time that is seeing multiple, historically disparate, media types coming together to compete with each other – TV, film and gaming are becoming synonymous with each other as platforms come to market that integrate all three. It’s the homescreens of the Playstation and Xbox consoles that are fast becoming the battleground for many different companies that usually wouldn’t overlap.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

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