Fortnite: Epic, Apple and Google get into a billion-dollar slap fight

Well, this got out of hand.

Yesterday Epic Games made the move to add a new payment option to the mobile versions of Fortnite on iOS and Android, a direct payment to Epic to circumvent the Apple’s App Store and Google’ Google Play, which took a 30% fee on mobile purchases.

This option was in direct violation of both stores policies so Apple and Google removed Fortnite from their stores. They Thanos snapped one of the biggest games in the world out of existence, just like that. If they can’t get their cut then Epic gets no new customers. How about that?

Epic was not about to take that lying down and have now begun the process of taking both Apple and Google to court. In a statement issued to Kotaku, Epic explained that this move is intended “to end Apple’s anti-competitive restrictions on mobile device marketplaces.”

In similarly grandstanding fashion is their suit against Google, which states “Epic is not interested in any side deals that might benefit Epic alone while leaving Google’s anti-competitive restraints intact. Instead, Epic is focused on opening up the Android ecosystem for the benefit of all developers and consumers.”

As an added cherry of bitterness, Epic has produced a parody of Apple’s iconic “1984” advertisement which directed by Ridley Scott, which you can see below.

Dear reader, if you feel remotely inclined to cheer any of these companies or during all of this, please reconsider. These companies are not working with your best interests at heart, this is a fight over who gets to keep the most of your money and that’s it. Epic is not fighting for you any more than Apple or Google are directly victimising you; these are businesses that only see you as money-generating opportunities, they do not care about you. 

Epic will try to stir up brand loyalty in you, purely because they published a game that you might like, and use you to fight their battle for them via social media. Do not fall for it. Let these billionaires take this pettiness to court and settle it that way. 

Please do not carry water for billion-dollar companies, they have enough money to pay people to do that for them.

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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

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