Fortnite – Apple accidentally leaks Chapter 2

How many seasons makes a chapter? Well, if it’s Fortnite it would appear 10 is the magic number if this accidental leak on the part of Apple is correct.

For a brief period earlier today Apple posted the images below on their app store – and as expected we could be in for some big changes.

We’ve already heard plenty of rumours about a whole new island to explore and the image released by Apple certainly shows plenty of unfamiliar territory.

We’re expecting the final season of Chapter 1 to come to the end this weekend in a live event that looks scheduled right now to be taking place on Sunday night. However, changeover day for Fortnite is traditionally a Thursday so we might have a few days left playing on the familiar, rift filled map following whatever happens this weekend.

We’re expecting more information to be released by Epic in the coming days.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

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